Pensioner in Saarbrücken shoots out of window and injures SEK officers – RT DE

3 June 2022 09:58 am An operation by the weapons authority involving a special task force escalated when the 67-year-old resident shot directly at the officers from a window. A SEK officer was seriously, but not critically injured. More information coming soon… By blocking RT, the EU aims to silence a critical, non-pro-Western source of […]

SEK storms wrong apartment – and offers Amazon voucher as compensation — RT DE

9 Feb 2022 1:35 p.m As the newspaper “WOZ” reports, the police in Essen have made a double lapse. First a special task force (SEK) stormed the wrong apartment – ​​then the person concerned should receive an Amazon voucher as “compensation”. According to a report by WOZ, a special task force (SEK) stormed the apartment […]