Russian companies come to Serbia — RT EN

Serbia is the only country in this part of Europe that has not caved in to pressure to impose sanctions on Russia. This has led to huge economic interest from Russian companies and individuals. Apparently, this is not a short-term trend. An analysis by Marinko Učur According to information from specialized business agencies and portals, […]

EU embargo on Russian oil also hits Serbia — RT EN

Although Belgrade has so far not joined the EU sanctions against Russia because of the Ukraine war, the punitive measures of the international community will also affect the Western Balkans. The Serbian President warned of a “hard winter” on Tuesday. The pressure on Serbia to join Western sanctions against Russia over its military operation in […]

US wants to support “civic activities” in Serbia with up to 10 million US dollars — RT DE

According to Washington, it wants to support Serbia on its way to EU membership. The US agency for development cooperation, USAID, will provide financial support for “civic activities” in the Balkan country. The US Embassy in Belgrade offers scholarships. The US agency for development cooperation USAID will spend from four to almost ten million US […]

Serbia secures new gas deal with Russia — RT EN

The gas supply contract between Russia and Serbia expires at the end of May. During a telephone conversation, the presidents of both countries negotiated a new supply agreement. According to Belgrade, this will run for three years and will be linked to the oil price. Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said on Sunday that he had […]