Serbian government and Kosovo reach agreement on license plate dispute — RT EN

24 Nov 2022 21:18 With the mediation of the EU, Belgrade and Pristina have reached an agreement in the dispute over license plates in the breakaway province. According to Brussels, politicians in Kosovo will stop “further actions” to abolish the number plates issued by Belgrade. An agreement reached in Brussels late on Wednesday could ease […]

Serbian military begin drills near Kosovo — RT EN

1 Sep 2022 4:36 p.m Serbian army units began exercises near the administrative border with Kosovo on Wednesday. The exercises come at a time of tension between Belgrade and Pristina. Serbia explained that the military exercises were purely routine. While the dispute between Serbia and Kosovo over entry rules has only been partially defused, units […]

Twitter blocks accounts of several Serbian embassies – Belgrade calls process ‘unacceptable’ — RT EN

Aug 23, 2022 12:04 p.m According to the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Twitter accounts of several Serbian diplomatic missions were “blocked” on the short message service without justification. Belgrade asked the US company to release the accounts again and called the procedure “unacceptable”. According to the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, accounts of […]

Illegal migration across Balkans ramps up – Serbian police find guns — RT EN

Illegal migration across the Balkans has been hidden from the headlines by the Ukraine conflict, but authorities in south-eastern Europe are seeing an increase in attempted illegal border crossings. According to the Serbian police, they found weapons on migrants. For days, images from the Serbian border area with Hungary have been making headlines and outrage […]

Serbian flag flies over administration building in Tomsk — RT EN

2 June 2022 09:33 am In the Siberian city of Tomsk in the morning, residents noticed a Serbian flag instead of a Russian one on an administrative building. The city administration reacted quickly, but refrained from punishing those responsible. Source: AFP © VLADIMIR ZIVOJINOVIC Early Wednesday morning, the local administration building in the Siberian city […]

Belgrade and the ‘precedent’ of Kosovo – Russian intentions and Serbian expectations — RT DE

By Marinko Učur, Belgrade/Banja Luka The genie was let out of the bottle. A precedent was set after the West recognized Kosovo as an independent state in 2008, and it is now difficult to defend the Western thesis that “Kosovo is a special case”. Those who follow Russian President Vladimir Putin’s public appearances will find […]