Study reveals sharp rise in suicide attempts among children in second lockdown — RT US

Although they rarely get seriously ill with Corona, politicians imposed particularly strict measures on children. With massive psychological consequences: According to a study, the number of attempted suicides among minors almost tripled in the second year of the pandemic. Children and young people are the population group that is least affected by the corona virus. […]

Sharp increase in suspected extremism — RT DE

In the last year, the Bundeswehr has recorded a significant increase in suspected cases of extremism. According to the Ministry of Defense, there were almost a third more suspected cases at the end of 2021 than in the previous year. Much of this concerned right-wing extremism. The Bundeswehr consists of “more than weapons and equipment, […]

Polish general announces claims on Kaliningrad – Sharp reaction from Moscow — RT DE

26 mar 2022 5:02 p.m Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has succinctly dismissed the suggestion by the former Polish commander of the land forces to reconsider Kaliningrad’s belonging to Russia, with a reference to history. The former commander of the Polish land forces, General Waldemar Skrzypczak, told the Polish newspaper Super Express that Poland […]