Stranded luggage, staff shortages and technical problems — RT DE

Bottlenecks, staff shortages and mismanagement – the entire aviation industry is suffering. Currently, everything is lacking, from skilled passenger screening staff to pilots. Grotesque scenes are increasingly playing out at airports. Are we threatened with flight chaos in summer? Probably yes. What’s going on at western airports? In London, suitcases are piling up due to […]

Material shortages in construction at record level – housing may be affected – RT DE

In view of scarce and expensive building materials, a shortage of skilled workers and economic risks, experts expect moderate growth in building construction in the coming years. Plans for more living space could therefore be slowed down. The prices for energy, food and raw materials have risen more than they have in decades. This also […]

International organizations warn of global food shortages — RT EN

14 Apr 2022 4:59 p.m Four international organizations, including the United Nations World Food Program, have urged the global community to take action to ensure global food security. Several international organizations warned on Wednesday to take urgently needed measures to secure the global food supply in view of the Ukraine war, as the agencies Xinhua […]