All Ukrainian nuclear power plants shut down — RT EN

Russian anti-aircraft guns shoot down five Ukrainian drones over the Black Sea and near Sevastopol Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov has the daily frontline overview on Wednesday announced. The Russian army continues its offensive on the front near Donetsk. More than sixty Ukrainian soldiers were killed there and five armored fighting vehicles were destroyed. […]

Saving German nuclear power plants from being shut down is being discussed in Warsaw — RT DE

27 July 2022 18:44 MPs from the Polish left-wing party Lewica Razem and the European Committee of the Polish Parliament reject the shutdown of the three remaining nuclear power plants in Germany. They discuss Poland’s options for leasing the three German nuclear power plants. Source: © Leszek Szymański / Polska Agencja Prasowa The co-leader […]

Philippines to permanently shut down Nobel laureate Ressa’s news portal — RT EN

The Philippine online news portal “Rappler” of the government-critical Nobel Prize winner Maria Ressa is threatened with final closure after a decision by the authorities. The editor-in-chief wants to defend herself against the decision of the responsible stock exchange supervisory authority SEC. The Philippine authorities have decided to shut down the online news portal Rappler, […]

Roskosmos boss wants to reactivate eROSITA X-ray telescope shut down by Germany — RT DE

Due to the Ukraine conflict, Germany, as a partner of the Russian space agency Roskosmos, stopped operating a unique X-ray telescope on official instructions. Now Russia, on whose platform the device is located, wants to put this component back into service on its own. Russian scientists involved warn that such a start-up could be difficult. […]

“Would shut down core of German industry” – Bosch boss warns against stopping Russian gas imports — RT DE

8 Apr 2022 10:17 pm If Germany stopped receiving Russian gas supplies, the consequences would be much more serious than the pandemic. The industrial basis of Germany as a business location would disappear, warns Stefan Hartung, a production engineer with a doctorate and who is Bosch boss. Immense pressure is currently being exerted on Berlin […]

“They won’t shut me up” — RT EN

10 Feb 2022 4:37 pm The doctor, who was the first to discover the omicron variant of the coronavirus, explains in an interview that European governments have put great pressure on her to conceal the usually mild course of an infection with the variant. “My reports got them off track,” she explained. Angelique Coetzee is […]