Russian exports to India up significantly — RT DE

Despite political pressure from Western countries on India to refrain from importing fossil fuels from Russia, New Delhi has dramatically increased imports from the country over the past 12 months. Since the start of the Ukraine war, Russian exports to India have tripled despite pressure from Western countries, the Financial Express newspaper reports. In the […]

Growth forecasts in Germany significantly lower than expected, but “a sense of proportion” when it comes to aid — RT DE

13 Apr 2022 9:46 pm The recovery of the German economy came to an abrupt halt due to the war in Ukraine and the associated sanctions. Growth forecasts are being revised downwards everywhere, but economists warn against overly generous aid packages. The German economy has not even recovered from the consequences of the Corona crisis, […]

Vague hope for peace? DAX rises significantly, ruble appreciates massively – crude oil becomes cheaper — RT DE

29 Mar 2022 10:28 p.m Is the stock market overreacting again? On Tuesday, the leading German index temporarily climbed over three percent. In addition, the ruble has appreciated massively in the course of the discussion about Russian gas in Europe. Oil is becoming cheaper, not least because of corona lockdowns in China. Obviously because of […]

Vaccination rate among nursing staff has increased significantly since January — RT DE

19 Mar 2022 1:39 p.m The Saxon State Ministry of Health published figures according to which the vaccination rate in the nursing staff area has increased noticeably since the decision to introduce facility-related compulsory vaccination. Green politician Dahmen sees himself confirmed in the vaccination discussion. According to current figures from the State Ministry of Health, […]

Significantly more cases of vaccine side effects than officially reported — RT DE

24 Feb 2022 12:19 pm The analysis of millions of insured data from company health insurance companies (BKK) on side effects after corona vaccinations shows significantly higher case numbers than the Paul Ehrlich Institute had published. The BKK board speaks of an “alarm signal”. The board of directors of BKK ProVita, Andreas Schöfbeck, had the […]

Demand for antidepressants in Russia significantly increased by Corona — RT DE

22 Feb 2022 8:53 am Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, people in Russia have increasingly been using psychotropic drugs. According to statistics, the demand for antidepressants in the country increased by 43 percent. Doctors attribute the trend to the psychological aftermath of the health crisis. Sales of antidepressants and neuroleptics in Russia are […]