Half a million British small businesses on the brink of bankruptcy — RT DE

Inflation poses major economic difficulties not only for consumers. Small and medium-sized companies have also been hit hard. Many only have reserves for a few weeks, according to the President of the Association of British Small Businesses. The leader of the Confederation of Small Businesses (FSB) Martin McTague has warned that around 500,000 small businesses […]

Ukraine war live ticker – Interpol: Small arms shipped in Ukraine end up on the black market — RT DE

Kremlin: It is not yet possible to hold a referendum in the Donbass A referendum on the accession of the Donbass to the Russian Federation is hardly possible under the current circumstances, since the security of the republics must first be guaranteed. This was stated by the Russian President’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov. Earlier, the […]

British Army fears “small numbers” of soldiers are illegally leaving Ukraine — RT DE

10 mar 2022 8:28 p.m A “small number” of British soldiers have reportedly ignored orders not to travel to Ukraine. British military personnel are currently barred from going there. A “strong” call has now been made to “return” to the UK. The British Army is reportedly trying to locate soldiers suspected of having traveled to […]

with "3G" and mask in the spring: The German "Freedom Day" comes in small increments

by Susan Bonath The government is planning to relax the corona measures at the beginning of spring. But the much-vaunted “Freedom Day” will probably not come about for millions of people: kindergarten and school children, seniors in nursing homes and people who do not want a COVID-19 vaccination will probably continue to have to endure […]

Ampel plans one-time help for heating costs – but only for a small proportion of the poor — RT DE

3 Feb 2022 8:19 am The federal government wants to help recipients of housing benefit, students and trainees with a small subsidy for heating costs. However, most of the poor receive Hartz IV or social assistance. But they should be excluded from the aid. by Susan Bonath The economic crisis and the Corona measures in […]

Russia’s offer rejected, only small concessions in prospect — RT EN

2 Feb 2022 10:50 am US and NATO responses to Russia’s draft Mutual Security Guarantees treaty have been leaked. For example, Russia is given the opportunity to inspect missile shield bases in Romania and Poland. But essentially, Russia’s offer of a common security architecture was rejected. According to documentsReportedly leaked to Spanish daily El País […]