The stratification of Russian society — RT DE

Red flags over vehicles on the Russian side and over liberated sites in the war in Ukraine are correctly seen as the people’s ideological commitment. However, it is not the Soviet flag, but “only” the victory flag, and also testifies to a division in Russian society. By Niyaz Aksanov In Khabarovsk the Lenin monument was […]

Fuel on the fire – British civil society for diplomatic response to Ukraine crisis — RT EN

13 Feb 2022 6:33 pm While some representatives of NATO member states or those who would like to be, almost turned into warnings and threats about an impending escalation in Ukraine and many media representatives are only too happy to repeat or even reinforce this, more circumspect voices hardly get prominent platforms. Even Ukrainian government […]

Civil Society Appeal on Ukraine Crisis: "Peace policy instead of war hysteria"

Various political forces have issued a joint call for a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine crisis. The appeal, signed by Left Party politicians Sahra Wagenknecht, Sevim Dağdelen, Gregor Gysi and Oskar Lafontaine, as well as peace activists Eugen Drewermann and Reiner Braun, rejects the “unilateral blame on Russia” by some Western governments. This is “increasingly […]

Iran’s alleged ‘disinformation campaign’ dividing Israeli society exposed — RT EN

8 Feb 2022 8:11 pm An alleged Iranian disinformation campaign is said to have operated a sophisticated network on Facebook targeting ultra-religious Jews in Israel in order to “foment” divisions in society there. The last Gaza war in May 2021 took a new turn after tensions between Jewish and Arab Israelis in Israeli cities increased. […]