Erdoğan announces invasion of Syria – Iran calls for peaceful solution — RT EN

The Turkish President threatened to invade other areas in neighboring Syria. Turkey wants to limit the influence of the Kurdish militia YPG, which it classifies as a terrorist organization. In addition, Erdoğan again rejected the NATO accession of Finland and Sweden because they would support the PKK. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has confirmed his […]

Dispute on open letter: Schwarzer for solution of “compromises”

On April 27, 28 German intellectuals and artists published their open letter to Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz. In this they welcome his previous actions in the Ukraine conflict, but warn against further deliveries of heavy weapons to Ukraine and express their unconditional concern about a Third World War. According to a recent opinion poll two-thirds […]

Putin calls EU statements on military solution in Ukraine irresponsible — RT EN

22 Apr 2022 8:37 pm In conversation with the President of the EU Council, the Russian President stated that statements by EU representatives on the military solution to the Ukraine conflict are inadmissible. Putin also stressed that the EU was ignoring war crimes committed by Ukrainian nationalists. EU officials are making irresponsible statements about the […]

Pakistan offers India peaceful solution to Jammu and Kashmir conflict — RT EN

20 Apr 2022 10:13 am Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has called on India to find a peaceful solution to the Jammu and Kashmir conflict “in the interest of shared peace and prosperity”. Both states have signaled a willingness to talk within the framework of the Shanghai organization. On Sunday, Pakistan’s new Prime Minister […]

Ukrainians sing about the ‘final solution to the Russian question’ in front of the Reichstag building — RT DE

10 Apr 2022 09:05 am The famous Italian partisan song “Bella Ciao” is often corrupted as a party song. Now the “patriotic” Ukrainians also want to use it to mobilize against the Russian “aggressors” and in doing so are blabbering out the fantasies of Ukrainian nationalists: a world in which there are no more Russians. […]

Dialogue and negotiations the only solution to Ukraine conflict — RT EN

1 Apr 2022 4:32 p.m China’s Foreign Minister specified the Chinese position in the Ukraine conflict based on five characteristics. China promotes peace talks, supports the UN Charter, wants to avoid bloc confrontation, rejects unilateral sanctions and also strives for peace and stability in East Asia. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at a press […]

No progress towards peaceful solution — RT EN

10 mar 2022 3:46 p.m Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba described the hour-and-a-half negotiations with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov as “difficult”. An agreement on a ceasefire had not been reached, Kuleba said. The foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine, Sergei Lavrov and Dmitri Kuleba, met on Thursday in the Turkish port city of Antalya, […]