But no claim of responsibility – Scholz and Giffey speak of “amok” — RT DE

According to the latest findings, the driver of the car, who hit a group of students from Hesse in Berlin and killed a teacher, was probably mentally impaired. The motive is still unclear. Chancellor Scholz describes the deadly incident as an “amoktat”. The deadly incident involving a car on Berlin’s Ku’damm is currently classified by […]

UN aid supplies for Ukrainian refugees – but not if they speak Russian — RT EN

Conditional Solidarity – a video clip that provides an insight into the local mental situation: In Lvov, western Ukraine, aid packages from UN donations are only given to internally displaced persons in Ukraine if they speak Ukrainian. The Ukrainian journalist, blogger, opposition politician and émigré Anatoly Shary tweeted a short video yesterday released, which is […]

Ukrainian nationalists take to social media to speak out about ‘Victory Day’ attack in Berlin — RT DE

13 Apr 2022 7:10 p.m In closed Telegram channels, pro-Ukrainian operators are calling for “lynching” and “executing” “pro-Russian” Germans and Russians in Germany. A terrorist attack on the traditional victory celebration was announced in one of the channels for May 9 in Berlin. So far, the hustle and bustle has gone unpunished. In a closed […]

LPR militia speak of Ukrainian terrorist attack on civilians with hydrochloric acid — RT EN

5 Apr 2022 5:58 pm Ukrainian nationalists used hydrochloric acid as a chemical weapon in a terrorist attack against civilians by blowing up a reservoir at a factory while retreating from Rubeshnoye. The resulting aerosol cloud endangers the surrounding residential area, according to the LVR People’s Militia. Hydrochloric acid dispersed in the air by means […]

Several Russian politicians and oligarchs speak out against war — RT EN

28 Feb 2022 2:08 pm Not only numerous artists, athletes and scientists are currently speaking out against Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Some Russian politicians and billionaires also condemn the events in the neighboring country. Vyateshlav Marchayev, a State Duma deputy for the Communist Party for the Buryatia region, has criticized the military operation in Ukraine […]