On the end of Western dominance – Putin’s St. Petersburg speech — RT EN

by Gert Ewen Ungar From June 15 to 18 the International Economic Forum took place in Saint-Petersburg. It was remarkable in several respects. On the one hand, the forum celebrated its 25th anniversary. Interest was great again this year. Regardless of the tense geopolitical situation, a total of 14,000 participants from 130 countries attended. Contracts […]

Topics announced for Putin’s speech at St. Petersburg Economic Forum — RT EN

Kremlin spokesman Peskov has announced which topics Vladimir Putin will address at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum. The speech will mainly deal with economic issues and is particularly important in view of the international situation. Dmitry Peskov, the Russian President’s press secretary, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally takes part in the preparation […]

Argentina rejects Boris Johnson’s ‘warmongering speech’ on ‘liberation’ of the Falkland Islands — RT EN

9 June 2022 19:06 This year, the Falklands War, which broke out on April 2, 1982, is being remembered intensively in Great Britain and Argentina. Even 40 years after the conflict, the issue is causing disputes between London and Buenos Aires. Now Boris Johnson is adding fuel to the fire. Source: AFP © ALEJANDRO PAGNI […]

Outrage over speech by Azov member — RT DE

8 Apr 2022 11:44 am The speech by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy to the Greek parliament on Thursday caused debate and outrage in the country. The reason is that Zelenskiy’s appearance was linked to a video message from a member of Ukraine’s far-right Azov battalion. Several Greek politicians have expressed their outrage after a member […]

Zelensky’s video speech to Knesset sparks irritation in Israel — RT EN

21 mar 2022 5:24 p.m In his video message to the Knesset in Israel, the Ukrainian President equated Russia with Nazi Germany and accused the Kremlin leadership of a plan to “wipe out” Ukraine. Israeli officials reprimanded Zelensky for his excessive criticism. War is terrible, but the comparison with the Holocaust and the “Final Solution” […]

Zelensky gives speech to people of Ukraine — RT EN

22 Feb 2022 8:16 am Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has condemned Russia’s decision to recognize the two people’s republics in eastern Donbass. He described the move as a violation of his country’s sovereignty and integrity. In a televised address Tuesday morning, Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky accused Moscow of undermining diplomatic efforts to end fighting with […]