“Works at the speed of light ” – “Zadira” and other Russian laser weapons — RT EN

by Alexei Zakvasin and Maxim Lobanov As announced by the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuriy Borissov, the new type of laser system “Zadira” was used in the course of the special operations of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine. A drone was successfully destroyed. This was reported by the deputy prime minister during an appearance […]

“Russia will respond to strategic threats with lightning speed” — RT DE

28 Apr 2022 12:52 pm In a speech on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin justifies Russia’s policy and warns third countries against interfering in the Ukraine conflict. Russia has resources that no one else has and if there is a strategic threat, the response will be “lightning quick”. On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed members of […]

Reduce import dependency on Russian oil with speed limit — RT EN

10 mar 2022 06:15 am Greenpeace publishes a 10-point plan that includes speed limits for the duration of the conflict. In addition, the “continuation of the home office”, the “lowering of the room temperature by one or two degrees” and a “ban on domestic flights” are required. The environmental organization Greenpeace has published a 10-point […]