"The system has to come to an end": In short, and the ÖVP U-Committee is imminent

Kurz gives up the post of chancellor, withdraws into the party and parliamentary group. But the ÖVP corruption affair is not over. A parliamentary committee of inquiry is supposed to deal with the allegations against the young former chancellor and his loyal followers. A parliamentary committee of inquiry is supposed to examine the alleged machinations […]

Schallenberg in the criticism: violent exchange of blows to ex-Chancellor Kurz

During his inaugural address in the Austrian National Council, Chancellor Schallenberg encounters angry opposition. The SPÖ calls on the ÖVP politician to separate from his predecessor’s apparatus of power. But Schallenberg stays with it: he remains loyal to Kurz for a while. In the Austrian National Council, the government coalition and the opposition have fought […]

Kurz’s resignation is not enough: the opposition wants to see more heads rolling

Austria has a new Chancellor, the coalition crisis is over. The departure of Sebastian Kurz is not enough for the opposition. The right-wing FPÖ wants to drive the entire government out of office, the SPÖ is planning a vote of no confidence in the finance minister. The allegations of corruption against Austria’s conservative ÖVP have […]

SPÖ warns "Shadow chancellor": Schallenberg is preparing a short succession

Austria’s Chancellor Kurz has resigned and his successor is to be elected on Monday. For this purpose, the previous Foreign Minister Schallenberg will meet with coalition partners and the Federal President. But Kurz’s withdrawal is not enough for the opposition – after all, he could continue to pull the strings. The designated new Austrian Chancellor […]

Government crisis in Vienna: President Van der Bellen lets party leaders stand

The opposition is already certain: Kurz cannot remain Chancellor “without Austria being harmed”. A vote of no confidence is already being planned. Kurz himself vehemently denies being involved in the alleged corruption. After allegations of corruption against Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, the co-governing Greens and the opposition are massively increasing the pressure on the conservative […]

Before the new short statement: "The ÖVP has built a state within a state"

Jan Krainer doesn’t care whether Heinz-Christian Strache consumed other drugs besides Vodka-Red-Bull on that legendary evening in Ibiza. The Social Democrat sits for his party in the so-called Ibiza Committee, which is more dedicated to the Austrian “Freunderlwirtschaft” – and has found suspiciously many traces in the direction of the ÖVP and Federal Chancellor Sebastian […]

Only 75 percent support: SPÖ punishes chairwoman Rendi-Wagner

Although Austria’s Chancellor Kurz does not cut a good figure in the Ibiza affair, the Social Democrats cannot benefit from it. When she is re-elected as party leader, boss Rendi-Wagner receives the receipt. Your support in the SPÖ is crumbling tremendously. At the party conference of the Austrian Social Democrats, Pamela Rendi-Wagner was confirmed as […]