‘Fascist statement’ – Reactions to Morawiecki’s call for ‘wiping out the Russian world’ — RT EN

Poland’s Prime Minister Morawiecki described the ideology of the “Russian world” as a cancer that needs to be eradicated. The reactions from Russia to this attack were not long in coming – it was “fascist, hateful and criminal”. A number of Russian politicians and experts have sharply criticized Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s recent comments […]

Analysis and criticism of the content of a statement from the Charité on the “Federal Emergency Brake” — RT DE

Apr 22, 2022 7:14 p.m The decision-making and justification of the Federal Constitutional Court for a complaint model procedure against the so-called federal emergency brake of April 2021 was based largely on a statement from the Berlin Charité. The contents are now examined again, questioned and clearly criticized. The Hessian Medical Association publishes its medical […]

Kremlin responds to Clinton’s NATO statement

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has dismissed former US President Bill Clinton’s claims about NATO’s alleged open-door policy towards Russia. Peskov stressed that Washington had made it impossible for Moscow to join the military bloc. He explained to reporters: “I know for sure that the US side has repeatedly spoken of the impossibility of such membership. […]

‘Must not fall into Russian hands’ – US statement on biolabs in Ukraine — RT DE

9 Mar 2022 11:40 am US Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland confirmed before a US Senate committee on Tuesday that it was working with Kyiv to bar Russia from accessing Ukraine’s biological laboratories. Victoria Nuland, undersecretary for political affairs at the US State Department, has confirmed Washington’s participation in efforts to ensure […]

Gregor Gysi “horrified” by Sahra Wagenknecht and other comrades on Ukraine statement — RT DE

1 mar 2022 3:45 p.m Seven members of the Left Party have published a “joint statement” on the vote on the traffic light coalition’s Ukraine proposal. Gregor Gysi is now irritated in an open letter and writes that he is “overall appalled” by the “old ideology”. On February 27th published seven members of the Bundestag […]