Completion of the Tiangong space station — RT EN

The People’s Republic of China can claim another success in its young space history. After the successful arrival, the trio of taikonauts is to push ahead with the construction of the Chinese space station “Tiangong” (Heaven’s Palace). It could be completed by the end of the year. China has successfully sent another astronaut team into […]

Ukraine halts gas transit from Russia to the EU via Sokhranovka station — RT DE

10 May 2022 18:25 However, in order to be able to fully meet the transit obligations towards the European partners, it is possible to transfer temporarily unavailable capacities to the physical connection point Sokhranovka, according to the country’s gas transmission operator. More information coming soon… By blocking RT, the EU aims to silence a critical, […]

Russian military blames Ukraine for rocket attack on Kramatorsk train station — RT EN

8 Apr 2022 3:18 pm The Russian Defense Ministry has denied that the Russian military carried out a missile attack on the train station in the Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk. Ukraine is said to be responsible for the attack, which denies any statements by Russia. The Russian Defense Ministry stressed that the Russian military did […]

Deutsche Welle director wants to set up the station as an “anti-Putin channel” – what does Olaf Scholz say about it? — RT DE

5 Feb 2022 18:09 Olaf Scholz and the Federal Foreign Office have no justification for the unequal treatment of RT DE. The Chancellor also does not assess the use of the station as a weapon against Russia, as announced by the director of Deutsche Welle. That was the result of the federal press conference. In […]