‘No one wants to talk about the positive’ – British comedian causes a stir with Holocaust joke — RT DE

8 Feb 2022 7:12 p.m The British comedian Jimmy Carr, who is considered to be extremely provocative, has now probably taken it too far. In a “joke” Carr amused himself about Sinti and Roma who were also killed in the Holocaust – even Boris Johnson’s spokesman then spoke up. A joke by the highly provocative […]

Ukrainian President urges West not to stir up panic over ‘Russian troops’ — RT EN

Jan 28, 2022 5:11 p.m At a meeting with foreign journalists, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky warned the West not to panic too much about an alleged impending “Russian invasion”. He said he didn’t see any major escalation at the border. In addition, this unjustified panic is provoking an economic crisis. Investors are already withdrawing money […]