Virologist Klaus Stöhr replaces Christian Drosten — RT DE

by Bernhard Loyen According to the applicable Infection Protection Act (IfSG), the federal government must deliver evaluation results on the effects and the effectiveness of the politically prescribed corona measures by the end of June via a specially convened council of experts. At the end of April, the panel’s previous media figurehead, Charité chief virologist […]

Corona expert Stöhr is getting impatient – “Extensive easing is long overdue” – RT DE

15 Feb 2022 4:52 pm The virologist and epidemiologist Klaus Stöhr often criticized the federal government’s corona policy as disproportionate. Now he is demanding, among other things, the lifting of all G-rules in retail and gastronomy. The internationally renowned virologist Klaus Stöhr has been critical of the official corona narrative over the past two years. […]

“Not very effective from the start” – top virologist Stöhr calls for easing of 2G rules – RT DE

26 Jan 2022 20:53 After the federal and state consultations, Chancellor Scholz declared that he wanted to “stay on course” in corona policy for the time being. The renowned epidemiologist Klaus Stöhr, on the other hand, called for a clear change of course. The time is ripe to allow “more normality”. Prof. Klaus Stöhr is […]