Ischgl starts the ski season: can a winter holiday also be possible in a lockdown?

The winter vacation season starts. Restaurateurs and tourism associations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are very concerned about the pandemic situation and the existing restrictions. What’s going on, how many tourists are coming, and how well are the protective measures working? A few skiers make their last turns. The sun is sinking behind the mountains. […]

Bern wants a PCR test upon entry: Switzerland and Poland are now high-risk areas

Only five of the eight neighboring German countries are not classified as corona high-risk areas. New on the list is Switzerland, whose hotel association describes the decision as devastating. Poland is meanwhile optimistic that it will soon reverse the trend. Due to the high number of corona infections, the federal government will classify Poland and […]

Protests against referendum: Swiss want to keep 3G certificate

Referendums are part of Switzerland’s political culture. However, this could also have long-term effects: the Swiss are voting on the 3G certificate. Opponents of the measure go to the barricades. The mood is increasingly violent. In the midst of a new wave of corona, a clear majority of the Swiss supported the government’s Covid-19 law […]

Because of death threats: World Economic Forum cancels public part

The Open Forum has been an integral part of the annual World Economic Forum in Switzerland for years. However, the public sessions are canceled after staff are threatened by conspiracy ideologues. Apparently security cannot be guaranteed. There will be no public meetings at the next World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January. The decision […]

Microsoft boss Marianne Janik: "IT can help with climate protection"

Germany needs a digital ministry, calls Microsoft Germany boss Marianne Janik in the ntv podcast “So techt Germany”. It is a “synonym for change management”. Switzerland could serve as a model for this. Video conferences, streaming or sending e-mails – all of this requires a lot of energy and thus causes CO2. For the Microsoft […]

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