Switzerland plans nuclear waste dump on German border — RT DE

13 Sep 2022 5:45 am Residents of the Waldshut district in the state of Baden-Württemberg, which borders Switzerland, are raising concerns about drinking water safety after Switzerland announced plans to build a nuclear waste repository there near the border with Germany. According to media reports, Switzerland’s plans to build a repository for nuclear waste in […]

Switzerland plans nuclear waste storage facility near the German border – criticism from Baden-Württemberg — RT DE

11 Sep 2022 6:48 p.m Switzerland’s plans to set up a nuclear waste storage facility in an area on the border with Germany met with resistance in this country just a few hours after the decision was made. Switzerland has been looking for a repository for nuclear waste for decades. A location has now been […]

No longer neutral but still moderate – Russia thinks Switzerland is “relatively reasonable” — RT DE

Aug 29, 2022 10:14 p.m An analysis by Vadim Vadimovich Trukhachev On the subject of relations with Russia, Swiss President Ignazio Cassis said that relations had cooled off. In this context, he acknowledged that Switzerland could not perform its usual role as a mediator in international conflicts. Incidentally, Cassis believes that the Swiss reaction to […]

Switzerland rejects NATO request for treatment of Ukrainians — RT EN

Germany has already taken in injured and seriously ill people from Ukraine for medical treatment, as have other European countries. Switzerland has now rejected a corresponding NATO request with reference to neutrality. Accordingly, civilians are “indistinguishable” from soldiers. Switzerland will not treat injured people from Ukraine in its hospitals. The country’s federal government has turned […]

“Switzerland, my God…” – Biden accidentally makes Switzerland a NATO candidate — RT EN

1 July 2022 4:31 p.m The list of US President Joe Biden’s verbal gaffes is long – and growing. At a press conference on Thursday, he quickly declared Switzerland a candidate for NATO membership. However, Biden corrected himself during the press conference. Swiss neutrality briefly faltered at a press conference held by US President Joe […]

Helsinki Commission sees “Putin’s accomplices” in Switzerland — RT EN

The image of Switzerland as a hiding place for dubious funds persists. Today everything is different, the authorities have cleaned up, the Swiss government claims. But new allegations are coming from the United States. The Confederates are outraged. The Swiss government has vehemently defended itself against allegations from the United States that it is “an […]

Switzerland blocks delivery of tank ammunition from Germany to Ukraine — RT DE

Apr 25, 2022 2:05 p.m Germany cannot deliver Swiss ammunition to Ukraine because of a veto from Bern. This has been confirmed by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), according to a report in the Swiss “SonntagsZeitung”. It is said to be ammunition for Marder armored personnel carriers. The Swiss Confederation is said […]