Afghanistan conference in Moscow: Taliban: "Isolation in nobody’s interest"

Most of Afghanistan’s cash reserves are still frozen, while the country is heading for an economic and humanitarian catastrophe. Russia fears for the security of the neighboring ex-Soviet republics and invites you to an international conference. The participating Taliban are cooperative. The participants of a Afghanistan conference in Moscow have called on the militant Islamist […]

Afghanistan conference in Moscow: Russia praises Taliban’s efforts

After the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan, Russia wants to expand its influence in the region. Foreign Minister Lavrov praised the cooperation with the Taliban at a conference in Moscow. However, he attaches further conditions to recognition of the new rulers in Kabul. According to the Kremlin, the Taliban ruling in Afghanistan are trying […]

"Martyrs and heroes": Taliban pay tribute to suicide bombers

Attacks have continued and the number of victims has risen since the Taliban came to power. Now the appointed Minister of the Interior, Hakkani, pays tribute to those supporters who lose their lives in suicide bombings. He calls them heroes and donates to bereaved families. The radical Islamic Taliban paid tribute to suicide bombers who […]

Death rate in Kandahar rises: IS claims attack on mosque for itself

With the takeover of power by the Taliban, the hostile Islamic State increased its presence in Afghanistan. The attack on a mosque in the city of Kandahar is apparently also on the account of the Islamists. The death toll is even higher than previously assumed. One day after the bloody attack on a Shiite mosque […]

"Fighters from Iraq and Syria": Putin: Extremists infiltrate Afghanistan

Despite the Taliban coming to power, attacks continue to occur in Afghanistan. Kremlin chief Putin warns that the country will become a reservoir for extremists from Syria and Iraq. From the Hindu Kush, they could also cause terror in neighboring countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned against the infiltration of battle-hardened extremists into Afghanistan. […]