Taliban demand international recognition — RT EN

The Taliban Grand Gathering ended on Saturday with a performance by the Taliban chief, who otherwise remains largely in the background. The meeting was only broadcast on radio. The Taliban demanded international recognition at the gathering. A Taliban-led gathering of thousands of dignitaries and Taliban officials ended Saturday with participants issuing a statement calling on […]

Taliban appeal to international organizations for help — RT EN

A tremor jolted people along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan early Wednesday morning. Hundreds of residents are killed. The mountainous terrain makes rescue work difficult. A government spokesman has now called on aid organizations for support. Rescue work continues after the devastating earthquake in the Afghan-Pakistani border region. The authorities reported at least 1,000 […]

Taliban fear ISIS terrorists’ and guerrilla groups’ resurgence in Afghanistan — RT EN

According to a UN report, Taliban officials in Afghanistan continue to maintain close ties with al-Qaeda, while the main military threats to the Taliban come from IS and guerrilla attacks by resistance fighters. Taliban officials in Afghanistan maintain close ties with al-Qaeda, while the main military threats to the Taliban come from the terrorist group […]

Taliban ban opium cultivation — RT EN

4 Apr 2022 10:30 p.m The Islamist militia, which seized power in Afghanistan again last year after 20 years of resistance, has often been accused of financing its fight with proceeds from the opium trade. Taliban Supreme Leader Mullah Hibatullah Achundsada has banned the cultivation of opium, which is used in the manufacture of morphine […]

Taliban appoint women to leadership positions in Afghanistan for first time — RT EN

3 Feb 2022 06:48 am For the first time since taking power in Afghanistan, the Taliban government has given two top positions in the civil service to women. The appointments raised hopes, especially among women’s rights activists, that the situation of women in the country would improve. On Tuesday, the Taliban appointed women to senior […]