Kyiv criticizes Moscow’s unwillingness to talk – Moscow finds Kyiv’s topics of discussion irrelevant — RT DE

17 Feb 2022 10:21 pm Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy complains that the Kremlin would not agree to a phone call or a meeting between him and Vladimir Putin. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov points out that Ukraine does not offer any relevant topics of conversation. On February 17, Vladimir Zelensky criticized Russia’s alleged lack of willingness […]

“You can also talk about wars!” – Leo Ensel on ‘Russian invasion’ and Western hysteria — RT DE

14 Feb 2022 06:15 am In an interview with RT DE, conflict researcher Leo Ensel says what he thinks of Germany’s handling of the Minsk Agreement and talk of a “Russian invasion” and how de-escalation would be possible. According to conflict researcher Leo Ensel, Germany has sided too much and too one-sidedly with Ukraine. “You […]

Putin-Biden talk scheduled — RT EN

11 Feb 2022 23:37 US President Joe Biden will call Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday evening Moscow time, the Kremlin said on Friday. The call was made following a written request from the White House. The two politicians are to discuss the current tensions in Ukraine. More information coming soon… Source link

‘No one wants to talk about the positive’ – British comedian causes a stir with Holocaust joke — RT DE

8 Feb 2022 7:12 p.m The British comedian Jimmy Carr, who is considered to be extremely provocative, has now probably taken it too far. In a “joke” Carr amused himself about Sinti and Roma who were also killed in the Holocaust – even Boris Johnson’s spokesman then spoke up. A joke by the highly provocative […]