Thousands of Dutch farmers protest against emissions targets — RT EN

In the Netherlands, farmers are protesting en masse against the government’s plans to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides and ammonia. In addition, livestock would have to be drastically reduced. Thousands of farmers have gathered in the central Netherlands to protest government plans to reduce nitrogen oxide and ammonia emissions, reported Al Jazeera. They drove across […]

Can hit targets 4,000 km away — RT GB

India says it has completed a successful test of a nuclear-capable Agni-IV missile. The medium-range missile, capable of hitting targets up to 4,000 km away, was launched Monday off the coast of Odisha state. India on Monday conducted a successful test of its nuclear-capable Agni-IV ballistic missile. A brief statement from the Department of Defense […]

EU targets Algeria as substitute gas supplier – scientists warn of climate impacts — RT DE

The Algerian gas field Hassi R’Mel is viewed in Brussels as a potential replacement for Russian gas supplies after the intended EU embargo. However, due to the considerable methane emissions at the plant, researchers are less optimistic about the idea. The results of a scientific study question the EU’s plans to use the Hassi R’Mel […]

US to deliver artillery missile system to Ukraine that can hit targets in Russia — RT DE

The US is arming Ukraine with multiple rocket launchers capable of intercepting Russian artillery and destroying positions up to 300 kilometers away. However, Ukraine has assured the United States that it will not attack targets in Russia with the weapon system. As part of a new support package, the US wants to supply Ukraine with […]

Israel launches rocket attacks on targets in south-west Syria — RT EN

Israel is said to have carried out a rocket attack on several targets on the outskirts of Quneitra in south-west Syria, near the Israeli-held Golan Heights where Hezbollah militias are suspected to be active. Hezbollah’s secretary general warned Tuesday that his movement was on alert after the IDF launched a large-scale exercise. Israel carried out […]

Japan targets Russian exports — RT EN

Apr 20, 2022 11:00 p.m The Japanese government has imposed a new package of sanctions on Russia. This time it hits Russian exports to Japan such as alcoholic beverages, vehicles and their parts, and various wood products. Tokyo has unveiled a new package of sanctions against Russia in connection with Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine, […]