Tax return for seniors: How pensioners avoid trouble with the tax authorities

Attention pensioners: Among other things, because of the annual pension increase, you may be required to file a tax return. You can read here how to get a simplified tax return and what penalties you will face if you are late. More and more retirees have to file a tax return, often without being aware […]

Communicate live and virtually: With these tips, the hybrid meeting is a success

Hybrid meetings have been part of everyday life for many since the corona pandemic. Here are a few tips to ensure that the mix of virtual and face-to-face communication is successful. Due to the corona pandemic, remote work has become more attractive in many companies. But while some enjoy working from their own four walls, […]

Voluntary submission: tax return can increase the basic pension

With the basic pension, long-term insured persons receive a surcharge on their mini-pensions. If you submit a tax return, you may be able to increase the surcharge. How does it work? The basic pension law has been in force since January 1, 2021. Pensioners who have worked for many years and earned below average are […]

Emergency call system and tax office: Seniors should take advantage of the tax bonus

Older people can state the cost of a home emergency call system in their tax return. Seniors can rely on an ongoing procedure at the Federal Fiscal Court. Many seniors use a home emergency call system so that they can get help quickly in an emergency. The Federal Fiscal Court is currently checking whether you […]

Attention consumers: That will change in October

The digital sick leave is coming, the time change is pending, the tax return is slowly due, new regulations apply to corona rapid tests. And in the garden you can really reach out again. This and more await you in the new month. Digital sick leave is coming The electronic certificate of incapacity for work […]

Long-term care insurance often makes sense: When is extra private protection worthwhile?

Private supplementary long-term care insurance costs money, month after month. The policy is not cheap – and: if you do not need care, you don’t get anything from the money paid in. It can happen from now on: You become a nursing case. For example through an illness, an accident or age-related. Many would like […]

Reduced relief amount: How to avoid single parents tax traps

Due to the increase in the relief amount for single parents, its tax effect has increased significantly. If you want to marry a new partner, you should consider which date is best for the wedding. Single parents are entitled to a tax exemption. The relief amount for single parents is granted if certain conditions are […]