The financial world is poaching among laypeople: South Dakota – tax haven without mind

The US is the second worst tax haven in the world. States like South Dakota are to blame. The conservative mini-state deliberately sees financial regulation as relaxed. A model that the banking industry exploits and the Republican after-work parliament rarely understands. South Dakota is a US state of minor numbers. It has just under 900,000 […]

Nationwide raid: public prosecutor’s office is investigating "Cum-ex-two"

Three years ago, the Cum-Ex-Files shook the financial world. A loophole in the law leads to the repayment of taxes that were never paid – taxes in the billions are lacking in European countries. Could something like that happen again? New investigations point to a “cum-ex-two”. It is about suspected tax fraud amounting to half […]

Large corporations pay 15 percent: G20 approve reform for global minimum tax

The G20 finance ministers have decided to gradually dry up tax havens. At a meeting they pass a corresponding reform for 136 countries. Finance Minister Scholz celebrates the declaration as a success. New rules will apply as early as 2023. At the meeting of the 20 leading industrialized and emerging countries (G20), the finance ministers […]

Study by the Ifo Institute: That could bring in the global minimum tax

Federal Finance Minister Scholz speaks of a special moment: The global minimum tax for large companies is to be announced in Washington. Calculations by the Munich-based Ifo Institute show what income the new regulation could bring to Germany. With the planned global minimum tax for large companies, Germany can hope for revenues of around five […]

OECD agreement costs Ireland money: minimum tax for global companies is coming

In the summer, the top economic powers agree on a reform of the international tax system. But not all members of the EU are enthusiastic. But now the international community is securing additional income of 150 billion dollars – among other things at the expense of Ireland. After the previous low-tax country Ireland gave in, […]

Reactions to "Pandora Papers": Abdullah II examines the lawsuit, Putin knows nothing

The publications around the “Pandora Papers” stir up a lot of dust. Jordan’s King Abdullah II is threatening legal action. The same are in the house of the Czech Prime Minister Babis. And the Kremlin calls the revelations “unproven allegations”. Jordan’s King Abdullah II has threatened legal action after the publications in the “Pandora Papers” […]