IW economist on coalition agreement: "Not a big hit, but a good start"

The traffic light coalition set the bar high at the beginning of their reign. The ambitious goals for climate protection, digitization and housing construction, for example, will devour billions. However, it remains unclear where the money will come from. ntv.de talks to the economist Tobias Hentze from the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft IW about debt […]

Relief only in the event of increases ?: Lindner criticizes red-green tax statements

Tax policy is a sticking point in the coalition negotiations between the SPD, Greens and FDP. The chief liberal Lindner, however, rejects statements that relief could only be given if the taxes were increased elsewhere. The FDP chairman Christian Lindner has criticized the SPD and the Greens for their statements on tax policy. It is […]

Wissing versus Scholz and Habeck: Ampel partners argue about tax increases

Even during the coalition negotiations, the SPD and the Greens attack their yellow alliance partner: The FDP prevents tax increases and thus the relief of low and middle incomes, so the allegation. FDP General Secretary Wissing goes over to the counterattack. Before the start of the negotiations at the working level on a traffic light […]

After the election, before the traffic lights: the winners and losers in taxes

When it came to taxes, there were big differences in the federal election campaign. Now it is becoming clear what can be expected from the foreseeable traffic light coalition. Among other things, an increase in the top tax rate and a wealth tax seem to be off the table. During the election campaign, the Greens […]