The new form of climate terrorism — RT EN

14 Sep 2022 06:30 am The anarchist and left-wing extremist climate terrorism enters a new round. He opposes “the slaughter of the ecosphere” by the “criminals of fossil capital.” One should keep in mind how easy it is to blow up gas stations and pipelines or destroy SUVs. For the anarchists, this is merely an […]

What are the terrorism charges against the ousted Pakistani PM about? — RT DE

24 Aug 2022 09:36 am By Maria Mueller Pakistan’s media regulator has banned TV stations from broadcasting former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speeches. Why is? Imran Khan’s speech at a rally was terrorism The politicized judiciary opened a terrorism investigation after Imran Khanthe deposed former Prime Minister of Pakistan, threatened the Islamabad police chief and […]

US State Department warns against designating Russia as a sponsor of terrorism — RT EN

19 Aug 2022 12:42 p.m US State Department officials are warning Congress about the negative consequences of designating Russia as a sponsor of terrorism. A possible failure of the grain agreement and losses from lost business with Russia are worrying politicians. The US State Department has signaled to Congress that it is concerned about a […]