Taiwan issue could affect China-US ties — RT EN

Apr 21, 2022 5:45 am Wei Fenghe, the Chinese defense minister, has warned the US against taking the wrong stance on the Taiwan issue. He assumes that a divergence on this issue could have fatal consequences for relations between Beijing and Washington. Source: Sputnik © Ilya Pitalev Mishandling the Taiwan issue could have fatal repercussions […]

China urges US to sever ties with Taiwan and launch military maneuvers — RT EN

15 Apr 2022 12:44 pm Beijing again warned the United States not to maintain official contacts with Taiwanese authorities. At the same time, the People’s Republic of China initiated military maneuvers in the region – obviously intended as a warning to Washington. Beijing has urged the United States to sever all official ties with Taiwan. […]

PM Khan announces early elections – army chief wants closer ties to US — RT EN

3 Apr 2022 2:19 p.m Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan announces early elections. A vote of no confidence against him was unexpectedly rejected as unconstitutional. While the opposition protested against it, Pakistan’s army chief, General Bajwa, called for closer ties with the United States. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan surprisingly announced early elections. Earlier on […]