Breaking trade ties with Russia will have drastic consequences for Europe — RT EN

A massive increase in inflation, which is already threatening social peace, would only be one consequence. According to a forecast by the Spanish central bank, breaking off trade relations with Russia would be very expensive, and not just for Spain. According to industry experts, the consequences of the European Union’s decision to ban oil imports […]

Russia hopes for trade boom with Thailand — RT EN

Russia’s economic development minister has said Western sanctions against Russia could help boost trade turnover with Thailand significantly. There are great prospects for joint bilateral projects. According to Russian Economic Development Minister Maxim Reshetnikov, Western sanctions are expected to strengthen ties between Russia and Thailand, increasing trade between the two countries to as much as […]

Uruguay rejects any sanctions against Russia and wants to boost bilateral trade — RT EN

27 Apr 2022 9:51 pm Uruguay has so far not supported Western sanctions against Russia in connection with the Ukraine war. The South American country’s ambassador in Moscow, Daniel Castillos, sees his diplomatic task as strengthening bilateral trade. Uruguayan Ambassador to Russia Daniel Castillos spoke at an event in the Russian capital Moscow, according to […]