Donald Trump plans to ‘not woken’ streaming service — RT EN

Former US President Donald Trump is expanding his media group. After the launch of the social media platform “Truth Social”, a “non-woker” streaming service is now also to be launched. This will focus on conservative content. Former US President Donald Trump’s fight against the so-called “woke movement” continues. The conservative politician has been working for […]

Trump calls for more security in US schools instead of military interventions abroad — RT EN

Former US President Trump has called for putting the safety of America’s children ahead of aid to Ukraine and foreign military intervention following the deadly massacre at a Texas elementary school. Trump also advocates armed security forces in US schools. Former US President Donald Trump has responded to Tuesday’s school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, by […]

Donald Trump is suing Hillary Clinton — RT EN

25 mar 2022 2:23 p.m Former US President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other representatives of the Democratic Party. Clinton tried to discredit Trump in 2016 by accusing him of “collusion” with Russia. Former US President Donald Trump has sued Hillary Clinton, as well as a number […]

Trump surprised by Russia’s decision on military operation in Ukraine — RT EN

17 mar 2022 10:31 p.m The former US President expressed surprise at Russia’s decision to conduct military operations in Ukraine. Trump thought bringing the military to the border was Putin’s way of negotiating. The Russian military operation in Ukraine came as a surprise, according to former US President Donald Trump in one interview with The […]

Trump calls Putin’s actions ‘brilliant’ – it wouldn’t have come to this with him as President — RT EN

23 Feb 2022 4:26 pm In an interview, former US President Donald Trump criticized Joe Biden’s handling of the Ukraine crisis and described Russia’s actions in Donbass as “brilliant”. At the same time, he claimed that with him as President, the current situation in Ukraine would not have happened. Former US President Donald Trump has […]