Dog eaters, rapists – When it comes to the Russians, the truth check doesn’t matter — RT EN

by Vladislav Sankin Federal Culture Minister Claudia Roth from the Greens once again showed herself to be very statesmanlike. in one interview she quoted Vladimir Kaminer, the “great author” who is “half Russian, half Ukrainian” on a very important matter. He wrote that the propaganda that takes place is one of the most dangerous weapons […]

Leaked documents expose US ‘Department of Truth’ — RT EN

Two US senators are asking the US Department of Homeland Security to access information and documents on the US government’s planned disinformation panel. According to leaked documents, the planned agency should become a Washington censorship tool. According to leaked documents leaked to Republican lawmakers, the US government under Joe Biden had broad goals for its […]

The truth isn’t the focus, but with a ‘ministry of truth’ it certainly catches the eye — RT DE

A comment by Helen Buyniski After advising that “there are a lot of people on Twitter who shouldn’t be verified” because they don’t think they’re legitimate, Nina Jankowicz recommended during a Zoom meeting last week went viral onlinebut that verified users, who it considers “legitimate,” should be able to edit other users’ tweets. It’s easy […]

Joe Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ is just another propaganda tool — RT DE

A commentary by Ian Miles Cheong The US Department of Homeland Security recently announced that it has a “Steering Committee Against Disinformation” to combat the spread of so-called disinformation online. While White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki did not elaborate on how the committee would work, she limited herself to saying that the committee would rule […]

US government creates ‘Ministry of Truth’, appoints controversial personnel to top position — RT EN

Apr 29, 2022 9:09 p.m In the US, the board of directors of a new “Disinformation Handling Panel” of the US Department of Homeland Security was unveiled. Its nominated managing director, Nina Jankowicz, communicated her upcoming tasks using a video based on US musicals. The Americans are already talking about a “Ministry of Truth”. by […]

The truth about Bucha is out there — RT EN

9 Apr 2022 09:34 am by Scott Ritter “In war, the truth dies first.” This quote will Aeschylus attributed, a Greek tragic poet from the 6th century BC. known for his “extensive use of imagery, mythical allusion, sublime language, wordplay, and riddles.” It is therefore only fitting that a quote from the man who first […]

Truth or lie? Between Donetsk and Bucha — RT DE

4 Apr 2022 8:32 am A comment by Dagmar Henn Whenever there is war somewhere, there is talk of war crimes. That is normal. Psychological warfare is always part of the game, and drawing the enemy as evil as possible and yourself as white as possible is part of the game. Therefore, whenever this keyword […]

“Russian citizens must know the truth” — RT DE

24 Feb 2022 09:37 am Vladimir Zelensky appealed to the citizens of Russia in a video message on Thursday night. “We know for sure that we don’t need a war, neither cold nor hot nor hybrid,” the politician said in Russian. Zelensky stressed that he is addressing the citizens of Russia not as a president, […]