Universe of sad idiots: How the Ibiza video becomes even more entertaining

What else can you do with the completely crazy Ibiza video? With “The Ibiza Affair”, Sky is making a fast-paced mini-series between “Ocean’s Eleven” and “The Incorruptible”. Sometimes difficult to understand for Piefkes, but always entertaining. It has always been difficult to say which is more entertaining: the real Austria, or at least the fictional […]

"I was an insider": That’s what Maschmeyer says about the "Lions"-Deal

The news that Ralf Dümmel and Georg Kofler will be working together as entrepreneurs in the future hit like a bomb. After all, they were tough competitors in “Die Höhle der Löwen” up to now. Carsten Maschmeyer also has an opinion on the colleague’s deal. Georg Kofler and Ralf Dümmel regularly vie for the hopefuls […]

"The lion’s den": Judith Williams blames the government

In addition to burger patties in powder form, sustainable flax fiber tinkering and hygienically impeccable soap fun, the focus today is on a lioness, who stands protectively in front of the nation’s children with a raised index finger. Has the “energy” market seen it all? The two stimulant experts Patrik Fuchs and Michael Gueth from […]