US wants to delay Ukraine conflict — RT EN

11 Aug 2022 3:34 pm In an interview, Chinese ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui blamed the US for the crises in Ukraine and around Taiwan. According to the diplomat, Washington currently poses the greatest threat to world peace due to the United States’ claims to hegemony. Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Moscow […]

Black list of Ukraine

9 Aug 2022 10:01 p.m From now on, critics of Ukrainian politics will be included on an international blacklist and must expect to be prosecuted as “information terrorists” and “war criminals”. In addition to the author, those listed there also include Alice Schwarzer as well as politicians and high-ranking secret service officials from various countries. […]

US broadcaster CBS withdraws critical Ukraine documentary for the time being — RT DE

8 Aug 2022 1:25 p.m A critical CBS documentary on the unknown whereabouts of most of the US arms shipments to Ukraine needs to be revised, according to the broadcaster. The overall situation would have “improved”. In addition, a US brigadier general has now arrived for control and surveillance. Last Friday, the US broadcaster CBS […]