New falcons of Central Eastern Europe? Czech Republic donates ammunition for 152mm howitzers to Ukraine — RT EN

26 Jan 2022 06:00 am The Czech Republic wants to make lethal ammunition available to Ukraine free of charge. The deployment of soldiers is also very likely. The coalition forming the new government in Prague had promised arms deliveries to Ukraine in the election program. The Czech government will approve ammunition shipments to Ukraine on […]

Ukraine has massed 120,000 soldiers in Donbass — RT EN

24 Jan 2022 4:26 pm The head of the internationally unrecognized Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Puschilin, put the number of troops in the Ukrainian army in the region at 120,000 on Russian television. He is sure that Kiev is preparing an offensive in Donbass. The President of the internationally unrecognized Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin […]

The West distracts from its own kindling with rumors of a Russian invasion of Ukraine — RT DE

20 Jan 2022 7:12 p.m Despite all the clamor in the West about Russia’s plans to invade Ukraine, Great Britain alone has delivered almost 500 tons of armaments in the last few days. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, this speaks for the aggressive plans of the West itself. The West disguises the preparation […]