Ukrainian troops shell DPR 39 times in 24 hours — RT EN

Russia’s permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna doubts that IAEA could have inspected hundreds of Ukrainian nuclear facilities The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is able to detect traces of the development of a “dirty bomb”, but Ukraine has hundreds of facilities with radioactive material. Therefore, it is impossible to check everything, Mikhail Ulyanov, […]

Ukrainian security authorities arrest evacuation workers from Kherson — RT EN

Russian Ministry of Defense: Kyiv is preparing to use biological weapons Documents seized during Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine confirm that the country is preparing to use biological weapons. This was said on Thursday by Dmitry Poklonsky, head of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Chemical and Biological Threats Research Center. He explained: “Inspection reports on […]

Ukrainian cheering squad in Kherson — RT DE

23 Nov 2022 8:42 p.m Videos from Kherson and the surrounding villages, in which pro-Ukrainian citizens are said to warmly welcome the fighters of the Ukrainian armed forces, are increasingly appearing on the Internet. Often with flags, a little less often with flowers. How widespread is this phenomenon, how are such videos created for Zelensky’s […]

All Ukrainian nuclear power plants shut down — RT EN

Russian anti-aircraft guns shoot down five Ukrainian drones over the Black Sea and near Sevastopol Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov has the daily frontline overview on Wednesday announced. The Russian army continues its offensive on the front near Donetsk. More than sixty Ukrainian soldiers were killed there and five armored fighting vehicles were destroyed. […]

Ukrainian offensive failed — RT EN

Ukrainian Prime Minister does not rule out power outages in the country due to the onset of frost Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal does not rule out that the cold snap could lead to power outages in the country. At a government meeting on Tuesday, he said: “The power situation remains difficult but under control. […]

Ukrainian attack on Crimea is nonsense — RT EN

21 Nov 2022 2:04 p.m Negotiations between Ukraine and Russia remain unlikely. The territorial issue is the most contentious. Ukraine has now declared that it is ready to take back the Crimean Peninsula. The Russian State Duma called such promises nonsense. First Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian State Duma, Alexei […]