Ukrainian soldiers shoot dead 10 Russian POWs and post evidence themselves — RT EN

18 Nov 2022 4:23 pm A Ukrainian assault squad has apparently shot dead a group of defenseless Russian soldiers. The Ukrainians themselves posted video evidence of the crime online. The incident happened in the north of the Luhansk People’s Republic during the fighting for the strategically important city of Svatovo. Russian media reports on an […]

Israel summons Ukrainian ambassador — RT EN

16 Nov 2022 7:21 p.m Israel summons Ukrainian ambassador to foreign ministry as Kyiv voted for International Court of Justice to investigate Israeli occupation of West Bank Israel summoned Ukraine’s ambassador to the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday, as Kyiv recently voted to allow the International Court of Justice to investigate Israel’s occupation of the West […]

Incident in Poland most likely caused by Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile — RT EN

16 Nov 2022 3:10 p.m Russia’s military has denied a missile attack on Poland, blaming Ukraine for the latest incident. In addition, the Presidents of the USA and Poland, as well as the NATO Secretary General, confirmed that the incident in Poland was caused by Ukrainian air defenses. The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday […]

Pavlovka liberated, nearly 1,400 Ukrainian soldiers killed — RT EN

Russia’s Federation Council on Zelenskyy’s peace offer: Only a neutral Ukraine is an independent Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskiy’s recent proposals for a peace settlement in Ukraine do not contain some essential points that are decisive for the country’s status as a legitimate and independent state and its territorial integrity under international law. This is pointed out […]