No identification yet: body parts discovered while searching for Petito’s friend

There is still no trace of Brian Laundrie, the friend of the killed Gabby Petito. After his personal belongings appear in a nature reserve, body parts have also been discovered there, according to US media reports. In the Gabby Petito case, investigators found human remains and “items of interest” in a nature reserve while searching […]

The financial world is poaching among laypeople: South Dakota – tax haven without mind

The US is the second worst tax haven in the world. States like South Dakota are to blame. The conservative mini-state deliberately sees financial regulation as relaxed. A model that the banking industry exploits and the Republican after-work parliament rarely understands. South Dakota is a US state of minor numbers. It has just under 900,000 […]

"Martyrs and heroes": Taliban pay tribute to suicide bombers

Attacks have continued and the number of victims has risen since the Taliban came to power. Now the appointed Minister of the Interior, Hakkani, pays tribute to those supporters who lose their lives in suicide bombings. He calls them heroes and donates to bereaved families. The radical Islamic Taliban paid tribute to suicide bombers who […]