Berlin labor court rules discrimination against unvaccinated people — RT DE

In the fight against discrimination against unvaccinated people, several employees of the Berlin Charité experienced a setback before the Berlin labor court. The labor court ruled that the Berlin hospital may exclude them from the traditional summer celebration of the workforce. On Thursday, just one day before the subject of the proceedings at the Charité […]

Almost 8,000 nurses and doctors in Berlin still unvaccinated — RT DE

The parliamentary question of a Berlin Senate member of the SPD shows that in the federal capital, despite the applicable facility-related vaccination requirement, more than 7,800 employees in medical professions are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated against the corona virus. The Berlin health administration answered the parliamentary question to the SPD member and Senate deputy […]

Opinion for members of the Bundestag: Unvaccinated persons are a criminal offence

In December of the previous year, the Bundestag published a hitherto rather unknowndocument of the scientific services in the department “Constitution and Administration”. The paper is entitled: “General COVID-19 vaccination requirement, sanction options and administrative enforcement (WD 3 – 3000 – 199/21)”. The publication reads verbatim: “The question was asked about the constitutional framework for […]

Fine for unvaccinated adults from October — RT DE

11 Feb 2022 8:00 p.m A draft law that MPs from the SPD, Greens and FDP jointly presented on Friday provides for general compulsory vaccination for adults from October 1st. Otherwise there could be fines. However, there should be no prison sentences. A group application for compulsory vaccination, which seven members of the Bundestag from […]

Bad karma? US comedienne cracks jokes about unvaccinated people and falls on stage — RT EN

10 Feb 2022 3:29 pm US comedian Heather McDonald collapses during a show. The result is a fractured skull. Spicy: She falls to the ground right after making jokes about the unvaccinated and unboosted. And the audience applauds, assuming it’s a show. Is that called bad karma? Like the US portal TMZ reported, comedian Heather […]

Three countries deny life-saving heart surgery to toddler because parents are unvaccinated — RT EN

4 Feb 2022 8:39 p.m A three-year-old boy from Cyprus is being turned away from hospitals in Germany, Britain and Israel despite urgently needing heart surgery. The child is now in Greece and is to be operated on there. A three-year-old boy from Cyprus was denied treatment in three foreign hospitals because his parents were […]