Kazakhstan votes to amend constitution — RT EN

In a referendum in Kazakhstan, the majority of citizens supported the planned constitutional amendments. More than 77 percent of the population supported a democratization of the political system, according to the country’s Central Election Commission. The Central Electoral Authority of Kazakhstan has announced the preliminary results of the republican referendum, as reported by the news […]

Bundestag votes by a large majority to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine — RT DE

28 Apr 2022 11:14 am The Bundestag voted Thursday with a joint motion by the Union and the ruling traffic light parties for the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine. With a large majority of 586 votes, the deputies called on the federal government to “continue and, where possible, accelerate the delivery of necessary equipment […]

Over 90 percent of the votes counted in France – runoff between Macron and Le Pen

As in 2017, there will be a runoff between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen in this year’s presidential elections in France. According to the Interior Ministry, 92 percent of the votes have now been counted. Accordingly, Macron won 27.4 percent and Le Pen 24.3 percent. Left-wing politician Jean-Luc Mélenchon came third with 21.3 percent […]

Bundestag votes on compulsory corona vaccination – key data of the draft law — RT DE

7 Apr 2022 9:03 am The German Bundestag votes on Thursday on the introduction of a possible vaccination requirement. The key data of the new draft law on “pandemic prevention through education, mandatory vaccination advice and immunization of the population against Sars-CoV-2” were published in advance. The one present in the world draft version documents […]