China accuses US of “information warfare” in Ukraine conflict — RT EN

30 mar 2022 4:28 p.m While China is officially neutral in the Ukraine war, both the government and the party-affiliated media direct their criticism almost exclusively at the western bloc. China’s main news agency has now published an editorial on the alleged US information war. The Chinese news agency Xinhua has published an editorial denouncing […]

US urges Taiwan to strengthen its own asymmetric warfare capabilities — RT EN

13 mar 2022 10:30 am The US government has proposed that Taiwan build a low-cost, mobile, resilient, and decentralized defense system. The move is intended to prevent a situation in the Indo-Pacific similar to that in Ukraine. During a hearing of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday, US officials also called on Taiwan […]

Sacrifice Ukraine? – Washington Post says “aid” only makes sense for guerrilla and urban warfare — RT DE

7 mar 2022 11:28 am Recent US military “aid” to Ukraine is far more extensive than previous ones – and it is clearly designed for guerrilla and house-to-house warfare. The suspicion is confirmed: It was planned from the outset to burn the country as tinder for a war against Russia. The US has dramatically increased […]

“Years of guerrilla warfare” possible — RT DE

24 Feb 2022 3:49 pm On Thursday morning, the Russian army launched a “special operation” in eastern Ukraine. In an interview, the former Chief of Staff of the German Armed Forces, Harald Kujat, known from radio and television, commented on the possible developments. In view of the latest developments after the start of the “special […]

Ukraine practices urban warfare and evacuation of injured in Chernobyl NPP area — RT EN

5 Feb 2022 12:47 pm In the face of concerns about an alleged Russian invasion, Ukrainian security forces trained in the radioactive zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on Friday. Members of the police, the National Guard and the emergency services were involved. On February 4, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry conducted tactical and special […]