Experts warn of dramatic oil price hikes — RT DE

Although there have already been enormous price increases as a result of the economic effects of the Ukraine conflict, the Western heads of government want to decide on further price-boosting measures against Russia. Experts have warned of a drastic global rise in oil prices, Canadian business news channel BNN Bloomberg reported. Analysts at JPMorgan Chase […]

US teenagers warn of consequences of premature gender reassignment: Repent mine "gender trip"

The transgender mania propagated by politicians and the media is having an increasingly devastating impact on children and young people. This is also the case with the young American Chloe Cole, who, due to the manipulations, took a “gender trip” at the age of 12 and undertook a gender reassignment that went with it. Today […]

Henry Kissinger tried to warn the West that time is running out in the conflict with Russia — RT DE

An analysis by Timofei Bordatschew If the growing conflict in and around Ukraine does not lead to irreparable consequences on a global scale in the near future, the most important result will be a fundamental demarcation between Russia and the Western-oriented states of Europe. This will make it impossible to maintain even small neutral zones […]

Experts warn of new trends in Eurasia over Ukraine crisis — RT DE

According to experts, the current geopolitical crisis between Russia and the West will inevitably affect regional processes in Eurasia. The strategies of the leading players will change, with Beijing and Moscow’s interests aligned. What the crisis in Ukraine means for Eurasia A major geopolitical crisis between Russia and the West over the Russian special operation […]

EU targets Algeria as substitute gas supplier – scientists warn of climate impacts — RT DE

The Algerian gas field Hassi R’Mel is viewed in Brussels as a potential replacement for Russian gas supplies after the intended EU embargo. However, due to the considerable methane emissions at the plant, researchers are less optimistic about the idea. The results of a scientific study question the EU’s plans to use the Hassi R’Mel […]

International organizations warn of global food shortages — RT EN

14 Apr 2022 4:59 p.m Four international organizations, including the United Nations World Food Program, have urged the global community to take action to ensure global food security. Several international organizations warned on Wednesday to take urgently needed measures to secure the global food supply in view of the Ukraine war, as the agencies Xinhua […]

Afraid of Le Pen? German economists warn of stock market tremors and weakening of the euro — RT DE

8 Apr 2022 7:11 pm Numerous high-ranking financial and business representatives who are close to the EU are concerned about the outcome of the elections in France: A possible election victory by Marine Le Pen could therefore send the stock markets plummeting and weaken the euro even more. Some prominent German economists are leaving according […]