Farmers in the EU are again warning of food shortages

Vegetable growers across northern and western Europe are considering shutting down operations due to the ongoing energy crisis, Reuters reported this week. This would further endanger the food supply. According to the report, skyrocketing electricity and gas prices are the biggest costs faced by vegetable growers who cultivate greenhouse crops. Two French farmers who recently […]

Ukrainian attack rips civilians apart in Donetsk: 13 dead (warning: disturbing video)

It was a sunny morning in Donetsk, and many residents were quietly going about their daily business, including at Bakinskich Komissarov Square in Kuibyshev District. But this busy place was turned into a deadly trap for passers-by by artillery fire in a matter of seconds: thirteen people died. In addition to the rescuers, local reporters […]

Facebook censored Hunter Biden’s laptop story after FBI warning — RT DE

26 Aug 2022 6:54 pm Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he decided to “bury” the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop after the agency warned him about possible “Russian propaganda.” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said his platform was working to limit the reach of a sensitive story about President Joe Biden’s son Hunter after federal law […]

Barrel without ground? Corona warning app update costs taxpayers another 20 million euros — RT DE

20 Aug 2022 12:55 p.m In addition to the follow-up costs of 50 million euros for the Corona warning app, which were already confirmed in February, the ministry is now informing that the update for the autumn will require a further 20 million euros. One reason: the integration of “additional functionalities”. Federal Health Minister Karl […]