Whether autonomous tanks, robotic dogs or drones – unmanned weapon systems are becoming a danger — RT DE

Whether combat robots, autonomous tanks, AI-controlled drones and missiles or self-triggering electromagnetic railgun cannons: Autonomous weapon systems that can kill people have long been a reality. The use of these war machines even marks the start of the third revolution in modern warfare – after the invention of chemical weapons and the atomic bomb. However, […]

Starlink as a weapon? Musk’s satellite internet serving the military – China faces threats — RT DE

The services of the US satellite network Starlink are increasingly used by the military instead of by the civilian population. The Ukrainian army, the US armed forces and now apparently also the German army use Starlink for military purposes. China increasingly sees the system as a threat. Originally developed by Elon Musk for civilian purposes, […]

Five kilometers in seven seconds – Russia has new laser weapon — RT EN

On Wednesday, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borissov announced the production of weapons based on new physical principles. They can bring drones down from several kilometers in a few seconds and blind satellite systems. As Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borissov announced on Wednesday, the Russian military will be supplied with serial Peresvet laser systems […]