"Tech Neck": Stiff necks from computers and cell phones?

In the office, the neck quickly becomes a problem area, we are talking about the so-called “tech neck”. With the right posture, ergonomic desk setup and some movement, you can prevent a stiff neck. Entire workforces are working at home because of Corona. But Germans also spend an average of more than ten hours a […]

Difficult conditions: 2G in the workplace – is that possible?

Some workers do not want to be vaccinated. In view of the high number of corona infections, many politicians and employers are toying with 2G in the workplace. You can find out whether the introduction is possible in this article. The 3G regulations for employees have been in effect since November 24, 2021. The workplace […]

EU should regulate work better: union fights for platform jobbers

Their services are widely used, and their working conditions are often precarious. Workers for online platforms, from food delivery companies to driving services, are now receiving support from trade unions and EU ministers. An open letter is intended to promote binding law. The European Trade Union Confederation and several EU ministers have increased the pressure […]