Yemen at risk of massive oil spill — RT EN

According to a report by “AFP”, the UN warned on Monday that a tanker abandoned off Yemen could soon break up – with fatal consequences for people and nature. In addition, cleaning up the oil spill would cost around 20 billion US dollars. As the AFP news agency reported, the UN has warned of billions […]

UN warns of worsening emergency in Yemen — RT EN

A civil war has been raging in Yemen for around ten years, which developed into a regional proxy conflict after the military intervention of a coalition led by Saudi Arabia in 2015. The humanitarian situation is dramatic. The United Nations has warned that the humanitarian situation in Yemen could deteriorate further, Iran’s Tasnim news agency […]

UN Security Council backs Yemen truce as Houthis lament violations by Saudis — RT EN

6 Apr 2022 2:49 p.m The highest body of the United Nations reiterated the call for a ceasefire in Yemen and for further political measures to resolve the conflict. The ceasefire appears to be on shaky ground, however, as reports of violations by Saudi Arabia show. The United Nations Security Council on Monday adopted a […]

Interest in Ukraine war “racist” – Who is talking about Palestine and Yemen? — RT DE

24 mar 2022 10:20 p.m The articulate kicker Héctor Bellerín commented on the Ukraine war in a YouTube interview and described the Western attitude as “racist”. The Spanish soccer player complained that hardly anyone is talking about other conflicts in the world at the moment. Spanish soccer player Héctor Bellerín has attacked Western attitudes towards […]

Saudi war coalition against Yemen – January was deadliest month for civilians since 2016 — RT EN

11 Feb 2022 12:18 pm January 2022 was the deadliest month for civilians in severely impoverished Yemen since 2016. According to the Yemen Data Project, around 139 civilians were killed and another 287 injured by Saudi airstrikes in January. A monthly summary by the Yemen Data Project on the Saudi-led military coalition’s air war in […]

Saudi military coalition intensifies attacks on Yemen – Israel halts flights to Dubai — RT EN

6 Feb 2022 4:43 pm The Saudi military coalition flew at least 30 airstrikes on various provinces in Yemen on Saturday. Israel stopped flights to Dubai due to the security situation. The US and France reinforced the UAE’s air defenses after a series of Houthi airstrikes. Recently, attacks by the Saudi-led military coalition on Yemen […]

Saudi coalition bombs Yemen again — RT EN

Jan 25, 2022 5:10 p.m Since 2015, a coalition led by Saudi Arabia has been conducting non-stop air strikes on targets in neighboring Yemen. The aim is to bring about a turnaround in the civil war in favor of President Hadi. On Tuesday morning, Saudi warplanes again attacked several targets in Yemen. This was reported […]