Wieduwilts week: The new conservatives lack soul

Conservatism is in crisis. The CDU confused the preservation of values ​​with persistence and imploded. The Union should now actually set milestones together, redesign itself. But that is not possible: Old men cling to their offices – and men with an early mind hang up posters of dead old men. The “Simpsons” has a nice […]

Strack-Zimmermann at Lanz: "Half of the Junge Union wants to smoke weed"

Cannabis use could soon be allowed. Apparently the traffic light parties are striving for legalization. In the shortened Markus Lanz broadcast, FDP politician Strack-Zimmermann tries to explain the arguments of the supporters. That doesn’t seem very convincing. Sometimes football is more important. Markus Lanz is feeling that at the moment. In Champions League weeks, his […]

Germany Day of the JU: Many worries and a secret star of the Union

The German Youth Day of the CDU and CSU is the first major party event since the historic defeat in the federal election. And it brings a lot to light: a secret star, many homemade problems and a new desire for debate. Five lessons from the annual meeting of the Junge Union (JU). The Junge […]

Germany Day of the JU: Laschet reconciles with angry party youth

At the Junge Union’s Germany Day, Laschet gives a speech that has not been heard from the CDU chief for a long time. The failed candidate for chancellor appears relaxed and combative. One of his possible successors is also a guest – and underpins his creative drive. In terms of timing and occasion, there were […]