Youtube has to specify: Court: #allesaufdentisch wrongly deleted

Videos from the internet campaign #allesaufdentisch violate the guidelines of Youtube and have been deleted from the platform. Now the Cologne Regional Court has ruled: two videos were wrongly removed because: The videos uploaded as expert interviews not only contain inadmissible information. The video platform Youtube wrongly deleted two interview clips of the controversial campaign […]

No advertising income via Youtube: Google cuts money for climate change deniers

You can earn money with YouTube through advertising and clicks. However, anyone who doubts man-made climate change in his videos will go away empty-handed in future. Experts see “a turning point in the climate denier industry” in the decision made by the parent company Google. Google and Youtube exclude content that denies man-made climate change […]

Fake news will be deleted: Youtube intensifies the fight against vaccine opponents

So far, anti-vaccination campaigners have been able to spread false information about the corona vaccines largely unmolested on YouTube. After a year and a half of the pandemic, the platform is tightening its rules for deleting false claims. Not only videos related to Covid are affected. Youtube tightened the procedure against false information from vaccination […]

After blocking RT channels: Russia threatens to block YouTube

After being blocked by YouTube, the German channels of the Russian state medium RT are no longer accessible. This is causing displeasure in Moscow: the country’s media supervisory authority is threatening the platform with consequences. After blocking the German-language channels of the Russian broadcaster RT, Russia threatened YouTube with retaliatory measures. The Russian media regulator, […]