Iraq declares Kurdish Autonomous Government oil deals illegal — RT EN

In an interview, the Iraqi oil minister accused the Kurdish autonomous government in northern Iraq of having conducted illegal oil deals with foreign companies. In February, Iraq’s Supreme Court warned against oil deals with the Kurds in northern Iraq. Iraqi Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail said Thursday the government would take steps to enforce a […]

Whether autonomous tanks, robotic dogs or drones – unmanned weapon systems are becoming a danger — RT DE

Whether combat robots, autonomous tanks, AI-controlled drones and missiles or self-triggering electromagnetic railgun cannons: Autonomous weapon systems that can kill people have long been a reality. The use of these war machines even marks the start of the third revolution in modern warfare – after the invention of chemical weapons and the atomic bomb. However, […]

Hundreds of crashes instead of autonomous driving — RT DE

According to a recent statistic from the US safety agency, car manufacturers reported almost 400 accidents involving vehicles with partially automated driver assistance systems in less than ten months. Teslas accounted for nearly 70 percent of accidents. US safety agencies released statistics on Wednesday that automakers reported nearly 400 accidents involving vehicles equipped with semi-automated […]