“Ukraine must win” — RT EN

While Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) likes to insist on a moderate fiscal policy when it comes to the local welfare state, he justifies a very deep dig into the public coffers for the Ukrainian state with a simple formula. So far, Ukraine is neither a NATO member nor an EU state. Nevertheless, it is […]

Serbia sees wave of bomb threats as pressure over position in Ukraine war — RT EN

Serbia recently experienced a wave of bomb threats. Anonymous emails have now been sent to several schools, shopping malls and restaurants. This leads to mass evacuations. The government links the threats to the Ukraine war. Recently there have been mass evacuations in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. The causes were anonymous bomb threats, which mainly […]

US recruits IS terrorists to fight in Ukraine — RT EN

Russia’s foreign intelligence agency has said the US is “actively recruiting terrorists to fight in Ukraine.” This shows Washington’s willingness to “use any means necessary to achieve its geopolitical goals”. Russia’s intelligence agency SWR said in a statement on Tuesday that, according to its intelligence, “the United States even used members of international terrorist organizations, […]

Ministry of Finance of Ukraine warns of drastic measures to save economy — RT DE

Ukrainian Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko has warned against drastic measures to prop up the collapsing economy. A prolonged conflict with Russia could lead to massive tax hikes and nationalizations. According to Ukrainian Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko, the Ukrainian government will take “painful” measures if the military conflict in the country lasts three or four more […]