Philippines to permanently shut down Nobel laureate Ressa’s news portal — RT EN

The Philippine online news portal “Rappler” of the government-critical Nobel Prize winner Maria Ressa is threatened with final closure after a decision by the authorities. The editor-in-chief wants to defend herself against the decision of the responsible stock exchange supervisory authority SEC. The Philippine authorities have decided to shut down the online news portal Rappler, […]

The Bad News War — RT DE

A ghost is haunting Germany. It is the specter of pessimism, fear, the specter of alarmism and panic. The psychological consequences are likely to be serious, and the fact that they have only clearly appeared peripherally so far does not make things any better. by Tom J Wellbrock For years we were told that we […]

USA Today removes 23 articles for fake news, including on Ukraine conflict — RT EN

USA Today has removed 23 articles from its website. This came after an internal review revealed that Gabriela Miranda’s articles were fake news. Ukraine news is also said to have been faked. USA Today, the largest circulating daily newspaper in the United States, announced on Thursday that it had removed 23 articles from its website […]

Investigations against Alina Lipp for her blog “News from Russia” — RT EN

For months, some media have been “warning” about the German-speaking blogger Alina Lipp, who is said to be spreading “Putin’s war propaganda” on her Telegram channel. Now it has become known that even the public prosecutor’s office is investigating against them. Funds from her German account have already been “seized”. Since the start of the […]

Daily news in lying mode – How the shelling of Donetsk was reinterpreted — RT EN

by Dagmar Henn and Anton Gentzen Viewers in Germany are used to some fake news and manipulation, but most of the time the mainstream media’s propaganda works more subtly and skilfully than on Monday of this week. The fee-financed ARD Tagesschau actually claimed that Russia had fired rockets and heavy artillery at the “eastern Ukrainian […]

“We bring independent news to Russia” — RT DE

So far, YouTube is not blocked in Russia, although the platform is spreading fake news about the Russian military operation in Ukraine. The head of the online service now emphasized in Davos that they would stay in Russia to deliver “independent news”. YouTube has blocked Russian “state-sponsored media” around the world, but remains active in […]

Russian diplomat shows Nazi picture posted by Zelensky – Sky News immediately cuts off interview — RT DE

According to Russian diplomat Dmitry Polyansky, a program on British TV channel Sky News ended after he showed a picture with a Nazi symbol that Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelenskyy posted on his Telegram channel and then deleted. Dmitry Polyansky, Russia’s deputy ambassador to the UN, has said British TV channel Sky News has a interview […]

Taiwan broadcaster apologizes for breaking news of China attack — RT EN

22 Apr 2022 4:28 pm China invades Taiwan: With these headlines, a Taiwanese TV station caused a brief panic among viewers. The glitch was then justified with a “technical error”. Two top managers have resigned. Source: © Halbergman Taiwanese TV station CTS this week reported a Chinese attack on Taiwan. Wednesday morning’s news program […]