Russia’s economy will stabilize by 2023 — RT EN

The European Commission has issued a forecast regarding the Russian economy. Although there are said to be negative signs, the economy may stabilize by 2023. Because of the sanctions, private investment in the country could fall by more than 20 percent. The Russian economy is expected to stabilize by 2023 and be able to adapt […]

With Russia’s consent: UN Security Council adopts Ukraine resolution

On Saturday night (Friday afternoon, New York local time), the United Nations Security Council first joint resolution on the situation in Ukraine. The representative of Russia in the highest body of the UN also approved the draft, so that the decision was unanimous. In the brief resolution, the Security Council expresses its deep concern at […]

“Paying for Russia’s natural gas in rubles violates sanctions” — RT DE

14 Apr 2022 10:16 pm According to media reports, the EU Commission has warned its member states against circumventing sanctions against Russia after Putin asked several states to pay for Russian gas in rubles. Following this is a violation of the sanctions regime. The European Commission has provided its member states with a confidential analysis […]